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Chesterton Primary School

Battersea, London

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Chesterton Primary School in Battersea, London, is a two form entry primary school. Amongst its values the school is an Eco School, a TFL Stars School, and has a large ‘edible playground’; clearly sustainability is at the heart of the school’s values.

Originally, the school perimeter was created from a mixture of chain link fencing, timber featherboard fencing, and hedging. Although both the timber fencing and hedging added privacy around the school playground, neither were ideal as they both do not provide adequate security. The featherboard fencing had started to deteriorate which not only creates a security risk, but also a safety hazard if the wood splinters and breaks away; being left on the playground for children to get hold of. The hedge, while adding a pleasing natural element to the school boundary, increases maintenance as it needs to be trimmed multiple times a year and again does not provide good security. There is also the cost of recycling the trimmings to consider. In addition, hedges are an attractive place for birds and foxes to congregate, and droppings can create a health risk.

Chain link fencing has always been a popular choice for schools, but it should now be avoided as a viable school perimeter fencing option. With not much of value inside school buildings and a lack of choice regarding perimeter security fences, a chain link fence was traditionally enough to keep intruders out and protect pupils. But with multiple computers, laptops, technology, and sports equipment housed in modern-day schools, it’s imperative that they have a fence which protects against vandalism, climbing, and subsequent theft. Additionally, the security landscape has changed over the decades and safeguarding has become a key topic in schools with more security threats and risks in addition to the traditional concerns such as truancy.

With the growth in safeguarding concerns and requirements, achieving privacy is part of the change to make a school perimeter more secure and is an increasingly common dilemma that schools face today. Combining two products to achieve both is often the chosen solution, usually because the security fence was installed first and there is a sudden realisation that a privacy solution is needed. However, this is a time consuming and backwards way of thinking as there are a number of solutions available which provide privacy and security combined into one fence. In addition, privacy is often more of a requirement in urban areas and two boundary fences can eat in to valuable space that could otherwise be used by the school for playgrounds or facilities.

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The fencing solution that the school selected is a perfect example of how to balance privacy and visibility to provide maximum safeguarding and security without compromising on aesthetics or longevity.

Jacksons installed a total of 187.5m of school privacy fencing to secure the perimeter of the school. Our EuroGuard® Combi fencing - with its unique timber and steel combination design - was installed. The Galfan® zinc alloy coated steel V mesh panels have strong, pressure treated timber slats threaded into the panel to provide an excellent school privacy fencing solution. Any items behind the fence are concealed and protected, whether it’s to cover a storage area for valuable items, prevent objects being passed through the fence, or to stop the public interacting with people on the inside which is extremely important for schools.

The total fence height is 3m, with the timber covering 2m of the height. Keeping the timber to 2m high ensures that the fence does not create a hostile environment and allows light to enter the playground and classrooms while providing ample privacy. Around the school entrance, EuroGuard® Flatform fencing was installed instead, to provide visibility from the school office for staff to be able to see who’s coming and going and any external risks. With a twin wire construction and installed at 3m high, this type of fencing provides a cost effective, robust option for school fencing.

Two pedestrian gates were installed at 2.5m wide, and one 3.7m wide vehicular gate was also installed for staff parking, emergency services, and maintenance access.

All the steel was powder coated white, providing a clean, low-key background for the school playground against which colourful play equipment and planting can stand out. The polyester powder coating provides an additional layer of protection against rust to the school privacy fencing, increasing its durability and sustainability. The fencing and gates were provided with our trademark 25 year guarantee on both the timber and steel components, satisfying the sustainability goals of the school.

School privacy fencing is a type of fencing installed around school properties to provide privacy and security. Unlike fencing styles with an open structure like mesh or railings, school privacy fencing is designed to obstruct the view from outside, thereby enhancing privacy for students and staff at school facilities.

These fences are often constructed using solid materials such as timber, which effectively blocks visibility, either to create a robust barrier with no gaps, like acoustic fencing, or with slats that cover any gaps like the apertures in mesh fencing. Privacy fencing that limits visibility into the school premises helps maintain a secure and controlled environment, reducing distractions and enhancing safety for students and staff.

Products Used


  • EuroGuard® Combi fencing
  • EuroGuard® gates
  • EuroGuard® Flatform fencing
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