Vertical bar fencing protects Site of Special Scientific Interest

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Canterbury City Council

Herne Bay, Kent

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Parks and Recreation


Bishopstone Cliffs is a 167-acre Nature Reserve in Reculver on the eastern outskirts of Herne Bay, Kent.

With stunning scenic views across the sea, and plenty of walking, birdwatching and picnicking opportunities, the site is a popular destination for tourists and local residents. There are a number of car parks near the entrance to the woodland, which is free to enter.

In 2013, Canterbury City Council published a Coastal Park Management Plan which looks at how the council alongside the Kent Wildlife Trust, can continue to manage the area to enhance biological diversity, conserve the site, and create a high-quality habitat. With a ten year plan, the coastal park was given Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Field status, and includes Bishopstone Glen.

As a natural site made predominantly of London Clay, it has been subject to some landslips which damaged footpaths and ripped fencing away as the earth fell. The land has had an unstable history since 1953, and much work has been carried out since then in terms of sea defences and works to the cliff. The area, which is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and managed by Canterbury City Council, needed a fencing solution which protected it from trespassing and vehicular access, while ensuring wildlife and plants can flourish. With safety being a top priority for the council, fencing helps to keep visitors safe and stick to the paths.


Over 300m of our Barbican® vertical bar fencing was installed around the area to provide a safe, secure, sustainable boundary fencing solution. With welded pale-through-rail construction, there are no bolts or pales that can be removed to gain access. Compared to mesh fencing, the tubular pales provide better protection against cutting and vandalism, while still providing the same level of visibility through to the woodland to leave views unspoiled. Panels are attached to posts via hidden connectors, providing a strong, anti-vandal fencing solution.

The fencing design is also smart and sleek, proving that where security fencing is essential, it can also blend into environments rather than creating an eyesore.

Crucially, vertical bar fencing, unlike mesh, allows wildlife to move freely between pales. This is essential for animals like hedgehogs who depend on being able to be travel around in search of food and mates for their survival.

With a 25 year guarantee, the fencing satisfies the sustainability requirements of the plan by reducing old fencing going to landfill. It also provides a low maintenance solution which is ideal in natural areas to avoid disrupting the ground, plants, and wildlife in the event of repairs and replacements which are common with low quality fencing.

The fencing was polyester power coated black with our special marine coating, which is recommended where fencing and gates are within 500m of the sea to protect them from corrosive atmospheres.

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  • Barbican Fencing 
  • Barbican Gates
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