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Sewage Treatment Works are an important site for any water utility company focussing on the treatment and processing of local wastewater. Perimeter security and access control are essential at most water treatment works, but an additional requirement was necessary at this major treatment works for one of the UK’s largest water utilities companies.

The works shares a boundary with a recreation ground, so the risk of objects such as stray footballs entering the site facilities required a practical solution comprising more than just boundary security fencing. The solution would need to be beneficial and complement both the treatment plant and recreation ground users. In addition, the recreation ground is in close vicinity to a local community centre with an attached preschool, so safety and security for all was paramount.


Securi-Mesh® mesh security panels were installed around the perimeter of the recreation ground backing on to the treatment works; over 230 metres of fencing was installed in heights of 3 and 5 metres. As a high security site, it is important to prevent vandalism and tampering as a break in could result in a threat to public safety. Securi-Mesh® fencing provides anti-climb protection with its small apertures between the mesh wires that eliminates foot and hand holds, and is highly resistant to cutting with conventional hand tools. With tamper-proof bolts and clamp bars which secure the overlapped mesh panels to posts, the system is also successful at preventing panels being prised away from posts to gain entry.

To reduce the risk of balls and other airborne objects from the recreation ground landing in the water treatment facilities which include many wastewater bins, tanks, clarifies and covers, Jacksons’ Ball Stop Fencing was a key component in the boundary solution. At 6 metres tall, it blocks the airspace and rebounds items that hit it in key areas. The ball stop fencing was strategically placed behind goal posts on the recreation ground and where balls were likely to stray. The fencing also reduces the temptation to attempt to trespass onto the sewage treatment site from the recreation ground, due to the sheer height of the fencing solution.

Jacksons’ Ball Stop Netting was the first to be developed with a double lattice post design, which is strong enough to allow the webbing or mesh to remain in place throughout the year. This system has been copied but never bettered. With the use of a top rail for safety and structural rigidity combined with either polyethylene netting, galvanised chain link, or galvanised welded mesh, this type of fencing is ideal for a variety of sports to keep balls in play and prevent disruptions to games. In other locations, it is ideal for reducing damage to neighbouring properties and cars.

In this application, if water were to be contaminated this could cause ongoing issues and would require more capital and investment to rectify any risk to public health and the water treatment facilities.

After taking into account suggestions from the local community centre, it was decided to powder coat the fencing green, to help it blend in with the environment of the recreation ground. During the day with the sun shining on the mesh fencing, it makes the fencing become nearly opaque, with a translucent glow when viewed from a distance.

As the Securi-Mesh® fencing provided an appropriate amount of security by itself, no security toppings were necessary on any of the fencing, meaning that no hostility was created by the fencing, even though this is a recommended security product for high security sites and infrastructure. Surrounded by many trees and native greenery, the site is set back far enough as to not interfere with the surroundings and acting as an intermediary barrier, providing a long lasting solution for safety and protection.

The sewage treatment works will see significant benefits from the long life of the fencing which is covered by our 25-year guarantee. By choosing a cost-effective long-life product with a high security rating, the treatment works ensures that its boundary is well protected, not only from trespass and airborne objects landing over the fence but acts of malicious vandalism that could potentially cause harm to the local population. In addition, visitors to the recreation ground can worry less about losing stray balls and the pre-school staff have fewer concerns regarding safety.

Products Used


  • Ball stop fencing 52 metres, protecting a total airspace of 6 metres
  • Securi-Mesh® over 230 metres, at various heights of 3 and 5 metres
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