Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

PAS 68 Crash Rated Shallow Mount Road Blocker

The Crash Rated Shallow Mount Road Blocker has been designed to prevent the threat of potential terrorist attacks where high security is required.

Crash tested at MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) the test was a great success, passing 100% with ‘0’ penetration and still operational after use. It is driven via a hydraulic 7.5Kw power pack with inverter/plc controls which requires a three phase supply.

Crash Rated Road Blocker Features

  • High grade PFC and RHS
  • Aluminium curtain, 3mm skirt
  • Panels in 5 sections
  • Raised position height at 1050mm
  • Government sites: shallow 400mm nominal foundations
  • Easy removal on impact
  • 3 phrase supply 415 VAC
  • PLC & inverter controlled
  • Performance Classification: V/7500[N3]/80/90:0/24.6


  • Galvanised bottom frame
  • Top section powder coated
  • Anti skid paint applied to the top plate

Crash Rated Shallow Mount Road Blocker Specifications

Width (mm)

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