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Demarcation Fencing

Morticed Post and Rail Fence

Demarcation Fencing

Jacksons manufacture a range of demarcation fencing for many applications. Demarcation fencing is most commonly used to define boundaries. There are many forms of demarcation fencing for multiple applications.

Post and Rail fencing: Most commonly found in rural locations, securing paddocks and livestock. Versatile fencing consisting of machine rounded half round vertical posts with horizontal half rounded rails.

Knee Rail fencing: Also known as Diamond Rail fencing, Knee Rail fencing is ideal for demarcation around car parking areas. Made from superior Jakcure® softwood guarantee for 25 years. A galvanised strap is used to secure the post with the rail.

Silver Rail Fencing: Silver Rail fencing is an attractive form of demarcation combining wooden posts and metal bars.

Metal Railings: Metal railings can also be used as a form of demarcation. Popular style around residential areas or parks, metal railing provide added security whilst also being low maintenance.

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