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Fencing and Access Control around Mental Health Units

Securi Mesh with featherboard

Fencing and access control for mental health units

In the UK, mental illness accounts for a third of all illnesses and at any given time, one person in six experiences anxiety or depression – and one in four people will encounter at least one mental health condition at some point in their life. Combine these factors with the knowledge that when the UK economy officially entered a recession in January 2009, it was recognised that demand for mental health services would probably increase, and it’s no surprise that the provision of quality mental health facilities remains very much at the top of society’s welfare agenda.

The safety and security of the service users, visitors and staff at residential mental health units remains of paramount importance and has been the subject of much debate. There are three categories of facility – high security (of which there are only three in the UK), medium and low. But the varying levels of security are not necessarily accompanied by a sliding degree of vigilance when reviewing physical security measures to support these establishments.

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