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Car Park Barriers

Car Park Barriers | Traffic Arm Barriers

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We offer a complete range of traffic and car park barriers with boom lengths of up to 12.0m in medium and heavy duty versions to cover a multitude of traffic control applications.

Our car park barriers are an ideal solution in controlling access to unauthorised areas, available in medium duty and heavy duty.

We also offer a PAS 68 Arm barrier for more information on this product please contact us.

Standard features

  • Powder coated cabinet
  • White and red boom (for heavy duty barriers)
  • Aluminium and red boom (for medium duty barriers)
  • Manual release
  • Supplied fully CE accredited, conforms to the Machinery Directive 2006/46/EC
  • Maintenance / Service package available

Options include

  • Top and bottom skirt (for heavy duty only)
  • Bottom skirt (up to 9m)
  • Boom light
  • Boom locking
  • Safety photocells
  • Articulated arms for restricted headroom applications (up to 5m arm)

Heavy Duty Barriers 100% duty cycle

  Max operations (1hr)
Max operations (24hrs)
Opening times
 ≤ 2.5m
 750 18000
 1.4 secs
 ≤ 3.0m
 560  13400  2.2 secs
 ≤ 4.0m
 425  10200  3.2 secs
 ≤ 5.0m
 360  8600  4.0 secs
 ≤ 6.0m
 275  6600  5.5 secs
 ≤ 8.0m
 185  4400  8.4 secs
 ≤ 9.0m
 180  4300  9.0 secs
 ≤ 12.0m
 135  3200  12.0 secs

Medium Duty Barrier 40% duty barrier

  Max operations (1hr)
Max operations (24hrs)
Opening times
 ≤ 3.0m
 240  5700 3.0 secs
 ≤ 4.5m
 120  2800  6.0 secs
 ≤ 6.0m
 60  1400  12.0 secs

Car Park Barriers

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