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Sliding Gates

A gate solution for creating a more usable space

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Sliding gates are ideal for applications where there is insufficient room for swing gates to open into and where higher security is required. Even where ground is not level, cantilever sliding gates run smoothly on nylon wheels, making them surprisingly quiet.

An alternative to cantilever sliding gates is tracked sliding gates, the advantage is that they can span larger opening widths and have a lower profile from the ground, with the gate running along a track set in level ground.

Jacksons automated gates and barriers meet with the essential health and safety requirements and are CE marked as required by law. Additionally, the products are designed and engineered to exceed the standards set out in BS EN 12978 and BS EN 12453 in relation to gate safety.

Sliding Gate Options

Cantilever and sliding gate components

Cantilever Sliding Gates

A cantilever gate is counterbalanced and does not require a track to run along the opening. The gate is supported by rollers which slide in a tubular track which is fitted to the bottom of the gate.

Available in either a single or double leaf configuration, along with the option of being manual or automated gates.

Infill Options

  • Welded Mesh (EuroGuard, Securi Mesh)
  • Railings (Barbican, Sentry, TriGuard, Defender, Imperial, Ornamental, Barbican Extra,Bow Top)
  • Timber - Acoustic or Tongue and Groove


  • No need for a track to be installed that runs along the opening
  • Quiet operation
  • Can be used on uneven ground

Tracked Sliding Gates

Tracked sliding gates run along a track which is installed along the opening. The gate is guided along the track with wheels at the base of the gate.

In order for the gate to work efficiently the track needs to remain clear from debris

Infill Options

  • Welded Mesh (EuroGuard, Securi Mesh)
  • Railings (Barbican, Sentry, TriGuard, Defender, Imperial, Ornamental, Barbican Extra, Bow Top)
  • Timber - Acoustic or Tongue and Groove


Sliding Gates

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Jacksons Security Fencing are at the forefront of high security fencing for any environment. Whether you require sports fencing through to intruder deterrent and detection around commercial properties, we can provide a reliable security fencing solution for you.

With over 60 years experience of providing fencing and access solutions, our unrivalled expertise allows us to offer the right solutions for almost any given fencing and access application in virtually every given circumstance.

Whatever your security fencing requirement, Jacksons Commercial has the solution to meet your metal fencing needs.

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