REGISTER YOUR 25 Year Jakcure® Guarantee

Jakcure® is the name of our unique timber treatment process, that guarantees the product you have purchased against failure caused by rot or insect attack. Any timber failure as a direct result of rot or insect attack will be replaced free of charge under the following conditions:

  • The timber must not have been misused or placed in abnormal conditions and must not have been used for an extraordinary purpose which was not drawn to the attention of the Company at the time of purchase.
  • Jacksons' fence panels, pales and rails are designed, manufactured and treated to be installed above ground. The timber species we use for these products are appropriate for their intended use, balancing aesthetics with treatability. We use different species and a different treatment regime for post and gravel board material to suit the tougher environment they face at and just below ground level. Timber species appropriate for in-ground use are selected for their durability and ability to absorb a greater volume of treatment and it is this consideration that overrides aesthetics. While theoretically a fence may be installed without a gravel board just above the ground, we have found that within a year or two the bottom rail/edge will inevitably end up buried in earth, leaves, or other material that means the panel is no longer ‘above ground’. The 25 Year Jakcure®  Guarantee on fencing materials is subject to correct installation to our specification and the use of gravel boards to ensure the bottom rails or edges remain free from ground contact.
  • If timber is cut or drilled, it must be treated correctly and immediately with Jakcure® End Grain Preservative available from us.
  • Timber sections in the ground should not be cut, drilled, notched or planned after Jakcure® Treatment.
  • Any claim must be accompanied with evidence of proof of purchase.
  • The guarantee only covers the cost of the product itself. It does not cover any associated costs, including but not limited to, removal of the defective product, disposal of the defective product, installation of the replacement product and the associated labour costs.
  • This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights.