Service Maintenance Manual for Fencing and Gates

Design Statement

Consideration is given to the safe construction of the fencing and gates. Design consideration is also given to the safe maintenance of the fencing and gates. To comply with the designers intentions the maintenance manual should be adhered to.

Please note that as the Designer, H S Jackson & Son (Fencing) Ltd have designed out potential hazards so far as reasonably practicable, but as with every fence or gate there are always hazards that cannot always be designed out or foreseen. For this reason only trained, authorised personnel should carry out any form of maintenance work.

H S Jackson & Son (Fencing) Ltd can be contacted should there be any concerns with regards to any maintenance procedures before they are carried out.


Gate and Fence Maintenance


ACCESS: No access equipment is necessary if any task performed on the fencing or gates would not cause a fall in excess of 2m.

FENCING: The fence can be cleaned when necessary. It is important that no abrasive materials are used as this may damage the protective surface applied in manufacture. It is recommended that the fencing and gates are washed down with soap and water.



GENERAL To ensure safe and reliable operation, regular inspection and maintenance is recommended. The frequency of maintenance depends upon the frequency of use:

Gates cycles per day

            Gates cycles per day Recommended inspection and maintenance period
Up to 15 Every six months
Up to 30 Every four months 
Over 30 Every two months


Gate Inspection

Gate inspection: Inspect the gate for damage. Ensure bottom rail and stile locking bar is secure and intact.

Hinges: Check fixings and grease pins

Gate: Check that the gate is adjusted correctly and moves freely



When carrying out maintenance the following general guidelines should be followed:

  • only trained competent persons are to be used
  • a competent person must carry out risk assessments prior to work being done
  • no one should be allowed to work alone

H S Jackson & Son (Fencing) Ltd have compiled this maintenance manual to assist in the safe maintenance that may be required to be carried out on fencing and gates supplied by them.

The contents of this manual are for guidance only. H S Jackson & Son (Fencing) Ltd cannot accept responsibility for the management of others who may, in the carrying out of maintenance work, injure themselves or others.