Residents in Birkenhead are being advised to install a variety of security measures such as metal gates and steel fencing to improve the security of their homes after criminals broke into a house in the area.

The public was also advised to keep tools and expensive goods in the home, and where possible, in a secure box, reported the Wirral Globe.

Other security measures included using a "closed shackled" padlock for shed doors, an internal layering of fitted grilles or mesh for windows and alarms.

PC Keith Winstanley told the newspaper: "Low or damaged fencing allows easy access to your property so consider fitting wooden trellis which will break, create noise and attract attention if climbed.

"Spiked toppings can also be used to deter potential offenders."

The items that were stolen from the house were later recovered following an execution of a search warrant.

The demand for metal is seen as the reason for the increasing theft of metal in Dungannon, County Tyrone.

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