New security fencing is to be installed on a meadow to protect cows from being harmed from other animals.

The move came after a "shocking" dog attack last month prompted action to be taken on Petersham Meadow, reported the Sutton Guardian.

A dog had managed to get its teeth around a cow's neck and chomped down hard. It refused to let go.

Following the attack, there were discussions about moving the herd completely from the area but it was decided that everyone would prefer for the cows to continue grazing the land.

Gary Calland, property manager at the local National Trust, said that they had taken out a "comprehensive review" in close consultation with senior trust members, the farmer and other stakeholders.

Mr Calland told the newspaper: "As a result we are introducing temporary fencing to paddock the cows at weekends as well as bank and school holidays.

"This should minimise the risk of dogs getting close to the cows and should also minimise any risk to walkers."

Pet owners were advised to play their part too by acting responsibly and ensuring that dogs were kept on short leads when near the cows.

A proposal to move a milking parlour to a new location in West Yorkshire has been met with protest because of concerns over noise.

The developers may be considering investing in sound proof fencing.

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