Bedford Borough Council has been monitoring the level of noise at a traveller site that could lead to the development of sound proof fencing.

The council have hired Spectrum Acoustic Consultants Limited to monitor the level of noise at the site on Meadow Lane, reported Bedfordshire on Sunday.

Although there has been some criticism at the cost of the exercise – in April alone it cost the council £3,200 – the local authority said that it was essential in assessing whether it would be suitable to convert the land into permanent landing ground for travellers.

A spokesman for the council said that this kind of development would go a long way to tackling unauthorised encampments.

The spokesman added: "The invoices relate to acoustic consultants employed by the Borough Council as part of the statutory process of assessing the suitability of this Meadow Lane site."
Security fencing
is wanted around a football pitch in Worchester to stop travellers from using it as a camp.

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