Security fencing will be erected along a stretch of the US – Mexico border in Arizona after the state's governor approved a new bill.

Jan Brewer has authorised the construction of the fencing, which will be built either by the state itself or in agreement with other states.

The Arizona Republic reported that the bill, SB-1406, "Allows the governor to build a border fence along the Arizona-Mexico border located on private, state or federal property if permitted".

The cost of the project is unclear, with the Associated Press reporting that the legislature does not mention a specific cost but states that a mixture of donations, labour and private contractors will be used.

Ms Brewer has also asked President Obama asking him to extend the National Guard's deploymentalong the state's border. It ends in June.

Arizona already has a 646-mile fence that covers about 30 percent of the approximately 2,000 mile border between the two countries.

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