A badger cub that was trapped between residential grounds and a high security fence near Selby has been rescued.

Residents in the area were alerted to the badger after hearing loud squeals from the animal, reported the Press.

It was found to be running up and down the perimeter of the security fence of a factory unable to make its way out.

Concerned residents contacted Ann Coates, Selby Badger Watch coordinator, who had been monitoring badger setts in the area. Setts are the system of tunnels and chamber the animals use to move around and live in.

Ms Coates managed to capture the cub easily enough but was concerned with its appearance in daylight as they are traditionally nocturnal creatures rarely seen during the day.

After the cub was given fluids in the shape of sugar water and kept warm in a fleece it was decided that it should be released as soon as it was dark. It was not without its challenges.

Speaking to the newspaper, Ms Coates said: “Unfortunately, the cub was so distressed we could not persuade him to go down the entrance hole. He just ran back out, clung to our legs and even followed us back to the car park. He was just like a lost little puppy.”

Eventually an adult badger appeared and the cub ran off with it into the undergrowth.

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