Barriers have been installed at a pier in Wales after a safety report indicated the structure is in need of serious redevelopment if it is to survive, it has been reported.

According to the Daily Post North Wales, a safety assessment was commissioned by Conwy Council earlier this year after it was felt that pier in Colwyn Bay posed a safety significant risk, after being left unmanaged since 2008.

A report submitted to the Colwyn Pier Task & Finish Group recommended that it would cost £5.5 million to redevelop the structure. Security barriers have been put up to protect the public from the risk of falling debris.

"The council are putting up barriers. Whatever needs to be done – we will be guided by what the council want to do," Rod Wythenshaw, director of Royce Peeling-Green, trustees of the pier, told the newspaper.

"Everybody knows that the pier is not good," he added.

David Jones, MP for Clwyd-West, also told the newspaper is was "clear the condition of the pier is seriously compromised".