Members of a bowling club are refusing to cough up their membership fees until the security fencing at their club is improved.

Members of the Princess Elizabeth Bowling Club, 28 in total, are being "advised" by Dave Broadley to hold back on paying Hull City Council their £32 annual fee, reported This Is Hull & East Riding.

According to Mr Broadley, a retired police inspector, sections of mesh fencing that should be providing security are being stolen, leaving the green "totally exposed".

Speaking to the newspaper, he said: "It is ending up, I am told, in people's gardens in north Hull. People are then getting on to the green and churning it up. We have had motorbikes on it and people playing football. It is not on."

The council has said that it has taken all of these points into consideration and will meet to discuss the development of a more "robust" fence, which indicated that they may be thinking along the lines of erecting a steel fence as the best solution to the problem.

Recently it was reported that a junior football club in Sheffield was forced to erect similar security fencing solutions to ensure pitches were kept in good condition as dog walkers continued to allow their dogs to foul on the field used by aspiring footballers.

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