A man suffering from terminal cancer, who has been burgled several times, feels the absence of security fencing at the back of his home is the reason his property is so vulnerable.

Ian Carr was refused security fencing by the housing services division of Nottingham City Council, the Nottingham Post reports, and has had to spend £675 on installing CCTV cameras to protect his home.

The 49-year-old has been burgled seven times at the various properties he has lived in since 1998. Following six burglaries at his home in the Top Valley area of the city, he moved to a new house in Mapperley Park.

However, Mr Carr's diagnosis of terminal cancer meant he had to move to his current bungalow, since he cannot use the stairs. And the latest burglary there has made him determined to protect himself.

"I really do not want to move again, I just want to make it harder for them to get into the property," he told the newspaper.

"All I want is for a fence to be put up – it's not a big job."

"Having a fence would block off the entrance at the rear of the property and it would mean no one can see what is at the back of my garden and it would just make it more secure," he was reported as saying.

A spokesperson for Nottingham City Homes said that, due to its limited fencing budget, it had to focus on replacing damaged fencing.

"Regrettably we can't meet requests for new fencing," the spokesperson told the newspaper.

The spokesperson added, however, that Mr Carr had permission to install a fence himself.ADNFCR-3337-ID-800203740-ADNFCR