A community initiative in Sussex has benefited from a cash grant that will help it install bollards.

East Grinstead Town Ward Neighbourhood Panel has received £1,500 from North Mid Sussex County Local Committee to replace outmoded scaffold poles with bollards to improve the makeup of the town's streets.

The money is from the Committee’s Community Initiative Funding project, which uses money from West Sussex County Council to give to local community projects to undertake work in their areas.

Other benefactors included Worth Parish Council, which received £2,500 to put toward a new sports pavilion, and East Grinstead Town Council, which secured £1,800 for four free-standing plant baskets.

Last month it was reported by the Northern Echo that security bollards are set to be deployed on Northumberland Street in Newcastle to prevent car bombers.

Expected to cost £500,000, the bollard project is set to be complete by 2012.

"We live in uncertain times and, unfortunately, these kind of measures have to be taken in order to protect the public," councillor Nick Forbes, of Newcastle City Council, told the newspaper.