Businesses will find CCTV an effective way of preventing crime – both internal and external – but it shouldn't be thought of as a primary security measure.

Tom Reeve, the editor of, said CCTV systems can't be relied on as a prime security tool.

"I wouldn't recommend CCTV as the first line of defence," he said.

He explained that the first line of defence is "proper security in the exterior fabric of the building" – such as security fencing and metal gates.

"Then there's internal security such as locks or access control systems," he added.

Where CCTV is valuable, though, is in providing "another layer" of protection on top of exterior security and access control, Mr Reeve said.

Unless you're going to have the system monitored continuously, the main advantage of CCTV is that it provides very solid and robust evidence in the event of needing to investigate a crime," he stated. ADNFCR-3337-ID-800485102-ADNFCR