Councillors have decided against introducing extra security fencing at a play area in Malvern, which has turned into a late night social spot for youths.

Malvern Town Council members also decide
d against a proposal to erect six-foot high pedestrian metal gates, which would have been lockable, reported the Malvern Gazette.

The council concluded that the presence of young people at the play area was not a continuous problem that warranted extra security fencing.

Instead, a policy of continued monitoring will be adopted.
Speaking to the newspaper, Richard Chapman, the town clerk, acknowledged that it may be an issue "from time-to-time" but this wasn't in itself wasn't enough.

He added: "I have been down there at night and I have hardly ever seen anybody there. I think that there might be some youths that go there on the odd occasion."

With councils keen to cut back on non-essential spending, this was seen as an unnecessary expense to incur.

It would have cost the council £1,900 to install and a further £3,250 a year to employ a gatekeeper.

Last year, a community project helped install play area fencing around a school play area in Swindon.

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