Installing security bollards that are painted in the same colour as road markings could contribute to the risk of accidents.

Cyclists in Bristol are saying they can't see the bollards on a cycle path in the city because they are white – the same colour as the path's lines.

Ian Redmond told the Bristol Evening Post he smashed into one of the recently-installed bollards because it was difficult to see.

"I've cycled that route to and from Parkway station hundreds of times over the years, and am used to carefully avoiding pedestrians, but came a cropper over this totally unnecessary hazard," he told the newspaper.

"The new bollards are solid cast iron and painted white, and so in any conditions of limited visibility, they are almost perfectly camouflaged against the white line separating the cycle-way from the footpath."

Mr Redmond warned that the coming months could make matters worse.

"This winter, people will be cycling this way in fog, rain, sleet and - worst of all - snow," he told the newspaper.

In response South Gloucestershire Council said it will add high-visibility reflective plates and coloured bands to the bollards to help them stand out.

Recently, Essex residents said the security bollards lighting up an alleyway at night-time need to be higher to deter vandalism.ADNFCR-3337-ID-800307319-ADNFCR