Youths may be passing through a hole in the security fencing at the home of an 89-year-old grandmother in order to terrorise her.

According to the South Wales Evening Post, Eileen Davies thinks youngsters are exploiting a hole in the fencing in order to break through and run along the roof of her cottage at night.

After being plagued by a number of incidents of antisocial behaviour stretching back some years, the council erected security fencing around her home, and the situation seemed to improve.

But the problems have begun again and Mrs Davies told the newspaper she thought it may be because of the gap.
"I am 89 now and am not able to get out without help. I do not want trouble, I am too old for that," she said.

Gareth Nutt, the council's head of property and regeneration, told the newspaper: "I can confirm that the fence which is located on council owned land has been inspected and found to be damaged."

He explained that the fence will be repaired as soon as possible.

Recently, thieves are believed to have passed through a gap in the security fencing at a Kent farm shop, stealing Christmas trees.