Extra security bollards are sought after to stop unwanted travellers from abusing a top beauty spot.

Although the Kidderminster beauty spot has restrictions to its carpark – security bollards, metal gates and a height barrier – resourceful travellers have instead bypassed these measures by driving down the embankment to gain access, reported the Shuttle.

Wyre Forest District Council officers have begun legal proceedings after the travellers refused to obey an order to leave the land.

To prevent this from ever happening again, local councillors, led by John Aston, want more security bollards.

Speaking to the newspaper, Mr Aston, who is a Conservative councillor, said they were looking for a set of stumps two-feet high to be installed.

He said: “If these stumps are installed then they can’t get in or get any vehicles through."

The councillors have also asked for a proper clean up of the park as the travellers have being dumping their waste.

Security fencing was recently erected at another beauty spot in Canvey as part of a wider regeneration effort from the authorities. The area was also susceptible to fly tipping.

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