A new security fence has been added to the perimeter of a former young offenders' facility in Oxfordshire that has been reclassified as a prison.

According to the BBC, Huntercombe Prison, near Nuffield, has reopened as a Category C facility for up to 370 adults after formerly only housing men aged between 15 and 18.

It was decommissioned and closed in June following the lower levels of young people in imprisonment. Following improved security measures, it will now reopen as an adult prison.

"There's been some minor changes. We're putting in an extra fence around the perimeter and there are minor changes in terms of locking provision, but broadly speaking the establishment will stay exactly as it is," governor Nigel Atkinson told the news provider.

Mr Atkinson added that Category C prisons don't have to have the same security measures as a Category A prison.

The site was originally developed as a World War Two internment camp.