A farmer has installed security fencing in a bid to halt animals coming into contact with leaking sewage on his land.

According to thisisSouthWales.co.uk, Peter Norman, a retired engineer, is becoming increasingly frustrated with the situation after repeated calls to several environmental agencies for action to be taken at Great Southgate Farm.

Mr Norman told the newspaper that the sewage has been appearing for decades at the point where two waste pipes, that serve the village of Southgate, in Gower, meet underground. The runoff is coming from an overflow pipe.

The farmer has now had to install temporary fencing solutions in a bid to keep cattle away from the waste. He told the news provider that one calf died in 1987 because it drank the sewage.

The 64-year-old has contacted the Environment Agency, Welsh Water and Swansea Council about the issue and has now grown so annoyed with the situation that he has felt moved to post a video on YouTube highlighting the problem.

He told the news provider he had been led to believe that Welsh Water was due to inject some cash into resolving the problem, but this had so far failed to happen. "This is the reason I have exploded in the last few months," he said.

A spokesperson for Welsh Water said it was investigating the cause of the sewage and is "committed to resolving the situation as quickly as possible."