A Reading councillor believes the multitude of Tesco trolleys "invading" the town's streets is because of a gap in security fencing.

Residents are becoming so infuriated by the trolleys they have started posting videos of them on YouTube, contacting their local MP and complaining to the retail giant itself, getreading.co.uk reports.

There are problems at stores close to Reading's Oxford Road and King's Meadow areas.

Karen Llewellyn, who lives close to Oxford Road, told the news provider: "There is a thing which makes the trolley’s wheels lock so they can’t be pushed out but I have seen people lifting them over and taking them away and that is stealing."

Councillor Rob Green said the issue at the King's Meadow store was down to a hole in security fencing.

"They have a system which should stop the trolley wheels turning past a certain point but they have a big hole in their fence so we have trolleys being taken out of the site and blocking pavements, causing problems in the road and ending up in the river," he told the news provider.

A spokesperson for Tesco said it had staff patrolling for loose trolleys and put other measures in place to prevent them being taken.

"It's a big problem we do take seriously and we do listen to customers' concerns."

Recently, Tesco installed acoustic fencing around one of its sites in Kent.ADNFCR-3337-ID-800397942-ADNFCR