A councillor is calling for high security fencing on a busy grid road following the deaths of three people in Milton Keynes.

Security fencing on the central reservation in H8 Standing Way has been damaged for 12-months and is being used by people as a short cut to the bus stops on either side, reported MK News.

Steve Coventry, Woughton ward councillor, has been actively campaigning for Milton Keynes Council to repair or replace the damaged fencing to avert further tragedies.

"The council has failed to repair this fencing and this is putting lives at risk. They cannot have it both ways. They cannot refuse a crossing then refuse to maintain the fence," he told the newspaper.

The council have responded by saying that vandals are to blame as they have repeatedly repaired the fencing.

They added that they would consider replacing the fencing with something much "sturdier".

South Gloucestershire Council recently erected a pedestrian guardrail to "force" people to use an underpass that was not being used.

Instead, people were risking their lives by crossing a busy 40 mph road that had no traffic controlling measures in place.

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