The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is proposing to scale back its inspection visits to construction sites by a third, which may be of interest to people looking to buy security fencing.

A leaked letter from the regulator, obtained by the BBC's File on Four programme, reveals the proposal is in response to a 35 per cent cut in government funding.

The Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians (UCATT) has said the cut will lead to an increase in deaths and injuries in the workplace.

In the letter, the HSE's chief executive, Geoffrey Podger, explains that one way to cope with the funding cut will be to reduce the traditional face-to-face meetings and instead develop web-based initiatives.

Discussing the plans, Alan Ritchie, general secretary of UCATT, said the cuts will be devastating.

"These cuts will kill," he said

"In construction large numbers of employers simply ignore safety laws. The only thing which compels them to keep workers safe is the fear of a knock on the door from the HSE. If you remove that deterrent deaths will increase."

The HSE said no final decision has been made.