Motorists are being hit with fines for parking in bays which are too small for their vehicle, leading to penalties of over £100.

With cars growing in length and width, this is causing problems when it comes to stopping to go to the shops, with councils also looking to reduce the size of bays so that they can cram more in to their streets.

If drivers are able to navigate past the parking barriers, then they need to ensure that their vehicle fits in their parking space, with some UK residents being told that they will have to buy two tickets if their motor crosses the bay lines.

Norman Baker, local transport minister, told the Daily Telegraph: "If all parking bays had to be wide enough to accommodate larger cars and 4x4s driving would be made impossible on many narrow roads. Those who drive the largest cars may need to take in to account that not all parking bays will be suitable for these vehicles."

Research from the AA has shown that the average British car is two inches wider than the minimum width for a parking bay, while vehicles have grown by around 16 per cent over the past 40 years.

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