Kissing gates are to be set up in the small town of Rishton, Lancashire, after residents complained to the local council over abuse from a small number of horse riders.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, riders were said to be "intimidating and abusive" whenever locals confronted them over the piles of manure littering the area.

Ken Moss, ward councillor for Rishton, said that the kissing gates, which are designed to allow people and not livestock to pass through, would help to preserve the quality of paving and gardens.

Speaking to the newspaper, he added: “These are residential areas and it isn’t really the appropriate place for horses. Residents are getting fed up of finding piles of horse manure when dog fouling wouldn’t be tolerated."

The decision has not gone down well with some of the local riding schools in the area which claim that there is not enough safe bridle paths for horse riders to use.

The name kissing gates is said to come from a game where one person passes through the gate and in doing so has to close it. You then end up with a person on either side and the remaining person must kiss the previous person to pass through.

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