The dangers of the absence of security fencing on roads has been highlighted after reports that traffic accidents in Pakistan are happening for that very reason.

According to the Nation, a lack of security fencing, along with the absence of street lighting, is causing traffic collisions in the country's Kashmir region.

Because Kashmir highway is closed, streams of traffic are heading onto the smaller Peshawar road, using it as an alternative access route. The high volumes of traffic, coupled with the absence of security fencing and adequate lighting, is concerning residents.

The newspaper reports that locals want heavy traffic banned from the road during the day, allowing high volumes to pass through at night instead. Streetlights and security fencing should be developed to cater for this measure, they felt.

The concerns come after reports that five people died, and eight were injured, in an accident on Peshawar road earlier this month. A passenger-carrying coach hit an oil tanker travelling in the opposite direction.