A lack of security fencing at the site of former houses is leading to antisocial behaviour with youths using leftover rubble to throw at other houses in a small village in Essex.

The former houses in Jaywick were knocked down in March and asbestos was subsequently removed from the site but no security fencing went up, reported the Daily Gazette.

With nothing to keep them off the land, young people have been free to wander around the site and pick up bits of detritus to throw about.

This has led to property being damaged, with one developer now seeking compensation from the council.

Victor Francis, who is developing a property near the demolition site, said: "I have got a broken window on my property and a motorbike was dumped and set alight on one of the demolition sites. It’s simply attracting more crime. This whole affair has been a waste of money and will cause more problems."

The council has said that it is planning on installing a fence.

Security fencing was recently erected at an antisocial hotspot in a village near Selby after active residents brought up the issue with their local councillors.

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