A local businessman has had to erect steel fencing near a burnt-out factory out of his own pocket in Lancashire.

Residents living opposite the former factory in Chorley were concerned that a serious accident would occur as children were using the site as a playground so Tommy Shorrock stepped up, reported the Chorley Guardian.

Although Mr Shorrock, who owns five of the properties in the area, and his tenants were promised that a new fence would be put up, nothing happened for almost a year, prompting him to take drastic action.

Using £2,500 of his own money, he arranged for a steel fence to be erected, finally bringing some relief to locals.

However, it is not enough and Mr Shorrock wants higher security fencing to eventually replace the current fencing.

Speaking to the newspaper, he said: "I’ve put up a fence to stop people going onto the site, but I can’t do anything to stop the kids coming here, and someone’s going to get killed."

He added that part of the problem was that no one would take responsibility for it.

Acoustic fencing may also be required as the former factory used to absorb the sound of trains going by on the nearby railway track. Now that the building isn't there, the noise has become an issue to residents.

The importance of steel fencing protecting children from danger was highlighted last year when residents in Wimbledon voiced concerns over the council's decision to remove metal railings from a busy road.

They said that the railings were the only thing stopping children from stepping out onto the road.

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