Residents of a village in Staffordshire are backing plans to install metal gates at an alleyway to stop anti-social behaviour.

Youngsters have been using a footpath that links two properties in Newchapel, Newcastle-under-Lyme, to take drugs, drink alcohol and urinate, the Sentinel reports.

Newcastle Borough Council has confirmed it will put up metal gates at the alleyway to block access to the teenagers.

Two gates, one at the front of the footpath at High Street and another at a sty that leads into fields behind the two properties, will be open during the day but locked between 18:00 night until 07:00.

Residents Dorothy and Terry Fagan, who allegedly had their outhouse broken into by the youths, told the newspaper they welcomed the gates.

"The gates will save a lot of hassle," Mrs Fagan said.

"I don’t object to people using the gates, all I object to is the drinking, smoking, urinating and shouting."

Recently, it was reported that Flintshire residents were considering a proposal to put up sliding gates at an alleyway to stop anti-social behaviour.

Some 28 people signed a petition against the security measure, compared to one in which 50 said they were in favour, the Flintshire Chronicle reported.

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