Metal railings are to go up at a beauty spot in the Black Country to prevent drivers from using the area as a car park.
The metal railings, which will be decorative, will cost £30,000 to erect, reported Express & Star.

Last year, Sandwell Council received a petition from angry residents calling for the council to put an end to inconsiderate drivers who were parking their cars on the grassed areas.

Not only was access to the scenic area restricted – which is used by people who want to go fishing or go for a walk – but the land was also being destroyed.

Councillor Derek Rowley, cabinet member for neighbourhood services, was astonished that people were using the land as a car park.

Speaking to the newspaper, he said: "It is really sad that we are going to have to spend £30,000 just to stop people parking on the grass.
"Unfortunately it is a case of people being inconsiderate and lazy preferring to park closer to the pool than walk the short distance."

Sandwell Council hopes to use its Grot Spot fund to pay for the installation of the metal railings.

Last month a Newport grandfather called for metal railings to be put up to put help clean up a playing field that is strewn with litter.

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