Rising bollards are employed in town and city centres to control vehicle access – but this hasn't stopped one motorist in Burton riding over them, causing "probably thousands of pounds" worth of damage.

According to the Burton Mail the Derby man, who does not want to be named, was using his girlfriend's Vauxhall Corsa while trying to make an appointment in the town yesterday (Wednesday 29th December).

Unfamiliar with the vehicle access restrictions in the area, the man followed a bus down High Street before driving onto the bollards.

"The car lifted up from underneath me," he told the newspaper.

It's done a serious amount of damage, probably thousands of pounds."

The bollards were employed to only allow access to buses, taxis, residents, traders and the emergency services between certain times, the newspaper explained.

A Staffordshire County Council spokesperson told the newspaper there were measures in place to alert drivers.

"The area is very heavily signed. It's actually signed in excess of the national guidelines for signage," the spokesperson said.

The driver is not alone in getting caught out by the bollards. According to the newspaper, since the bollards were rolled out in November 2008, 54 drivers fell victim within the first 21 weeks – at a cost of over £10,000.

Recently, it was reported that security bollards will be part of a £120,000 revamp of a street in Spalding, Lincolnshire.

The work is in preparation for the opening of the new Red Lion Quarter, the Spalding Guardian said.