Communities have been reminded how measures like installing access barriers can play a part in reducing nuisance behaviour.

New barriers have been put up in alleyways in a Derby estate to stop nuisance motorbikes using several of them, endangering people walking through.

The 'K' barriers, specifically designed to restrict motorcycles, will instead just allow pushchair and motorised wheelchair access.

The barriers are the result of a joint project between Derbyshire Police, Oakwood Neighbourhood Board and Derby Homes.

Sergeant Mark Bonsor, of the Oakwood Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: "We had a number of problems with motorbikes using these alleyways last summer which made it dangerous for people using them legitimately.

"We have worked closely with the city council and the community safety partnership in a bid to tackle the issue and the barriers will hopefully put an end to the issue."

This month, neighbours in Warwickshire installed security bollards after their cars were stolen.