A new campaign to help health boards manage security at NHS facilities in Scotland, which could include guidance on security fencing, has been launched in Edinburgh.

The Health Facilities Scotland campaign will create national guidelines and staff training so that health boards are consistent on security measures, the BBC reports.

It was launched at the Western General Hospital in the Scottish capital, which in itself is an example of sophisticated security equipment.

The hospital uses facial recognition technology and has a vast network of CCTV. In 2010, the hospital helped police investigations by providing more than 500 hours of surveillance footage.

Paul Kingsmore, director of Health Facilities Scotland, told the BBC: "We are keen to support NHS boards across Scotland to protect their people, property and information.

"Over the coming months, we will be providing advice on best practice to boards across the country through this awareness campaign."

There are around 158,000 staff employed by the NHS Scotland, including over 47,000 nurses and midwives and more than 3,800 consultants, according to its website.