A play park in Cambridgeshire which police officers have been banned from entering after 20:00 over safety fears had permission to install higher security fencing refused, it has been reported.

Wisbech residents complained in October that youths had "taken over" the £1 million Waterlees Park, the Peterborough Evening Telegraph reports.

However, a police inspector has hit the headlines after he ordered his officers not to enter the park at night, because it is "no go" and too dark.

"I am not going to put my staff – police officers or PCSOs – into an area where they can't see what is going on," inspector Andy Sullivan said.

But he did say officers would enter if it was thought a crime was being committed.

It was reported that floodlighting had not been installed because of concerns from residents and a proposal to increase the size of security fencing had been refused.

Mr Sullivan's comments were criticised, with councillor Richard Fuller saying: "What on earth sort of society have we got where police officers refuse to go anywhere after 8pm?"

The opening of the park, last September, was delayed because of vandalism.