A cow in Norfolk going about its daily life of eating grass and roaming freely came a cropper after getting its head caught in a set of metal railings.

The animal was found by passers-by in the Cantley area attempting to eat supposedly greener grass on the other side of the fence but became stuck trying to reach the lush vegetation.

According to the Norwich Evening Press the cow had wandered off from its barn at Grimmer Lane and suffered the same fate as a Muntjac deer in Warwickshire, which also became caught in railings in search of food.

RSPCA inspector Daniel Cole praised the efforts of the emergency services as "their help was invaluable" in rescuing the deer.

Cantley's cow was released from the railings after ten minutes of crews attempting to separate the bars using an appliance specifically designed for the operation.  The cow was then left to return to the safety of its barn.

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