A brand new row of oak-style security bollards will provide safety for parents dropping their children off to school when it moves to its new location.

The security bollards will be erected via a lay-by that would separate vehicles from pedestrians, reported the Henley Standard.

Peppard Primary School, which is, in part, an old Victorian building, has structural problems that "fail to meet modern accommodation standards in every respect".

The plan is still waiting approval from Oxfordshire County Council, but if planning permission is granted, the new school will have four classrooms with the capacity to take up to 30 school children each, a computer and library room, kitchen and toilets and a hall.

Some residents remained sceptical about the move.

Steve Malcolm, who was at committee meeting, told the newspaper: "We are very sympathetic towards the goal of improving the school, and we totally understand what led to the proposal, but the proposed site is extremely compromised."

Ian Heriot, one of the school's governors, responded by saying that issues regarding traffic were being appropriately dealt with within the proposal.

Metal railings were recently erected around a school in Norfolk, improving safety but making it hard for buses to manoeuvre.

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