The death of Osama bin Laden has prompted the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) to issue a statement asking all British organisations to "step up" their security, which could see many companies erecting security fencing.

The death of the founder and leader of al-Qaeda has prompted a worldwide security alert for fear of terrorist retaliation by his supporters.

Areas in the UK that are seen as targets include all transport networks, crowded city centres and public places and public sector and government buildings.

BSIA, the trade association for the UK professional security industry, has asked for all organisations to consider what additional security measures they can implement.

James Kelly, chief executive of BSIA, emphasised the important role of "effective security" in dealing with terrorism and advocated that those without specific security expertise should enlist the help of expert security consultants.

He added: "As we have already seen from the 7/7 bombings and Glasgow airport attack, the private security industry plays an essential part in detecting and solving terror crimes."

Following bin Laden's death, William Hague, foreign secretary, issued a security review for all British embassies.

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