A pedestrian guardrail, which will "force" people to use a nearby underpass, is at the centre of an argument in Yates.

The rail was put up near the Abbotswood Inn and close to a spot where a young girl was killed, reported the Gazette.

South Gloucestershire Council erected the traffic barrier to provide essential safety by preventing people from crossing the busy 40mph road, leaving pedestrians with no option but to use the underpass.

Angry councillors have hit back at this by saying that the underpass is not used and they would have preferred a controlled crossing instead.

Alan Lawrence, a Liberal Democrat councillor from Dodington, said: "Local people at different meetings have expressed their wish for a controlled crossing and although I think there are strengths and weaknesses in that, this rather lengthy barrier has gone up with, as far as I can ascertain, no consultation."

The council responded by stating that the underpass was the safest way of crossing from one side to the other and that it had "invested considerable resources" in cleaning up the underpass and erecting the safety rail.

Last year a security fence was erected on a busy and dangerous road in Northampton after a teenager was killed.

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