Security fencing that was installed to protect the public from a damaged pier has been removed, prompting concern from safety officials.

According to the Hartlepool Mail, a 45ft section of the city's North Pier was dislodged by heavy storms and waves.

On Monday (November 8th), Hartlepool Borough Council installed security fencing at the site, but it had been removed by the next day.

Members of the council and coastguard are concerned for people's safety and are urging people not to remove the fencing.

Greg Albrighton, HM Coastguard manager in Hartlepool, told the newspaper: "I would strongly urge people to stay away from the pier.

"There are fences in place to stop people heading on but if they are removed then it can cause other people, especially children, to wander on and it is very dangerous."

As an example of the potential danger, Mr Albrighton said one cubic metre of water, weighing a tonne, would "flatten" anyone walking past.

Dennis Hancock, the council's principal engineer for environmental services, said that anglers were still using the North Pier despite it being closed to the public.

"We would urge people not to remove the protective fencing and to stay clear of the North Pier," he told the newspaper.


Last month, temporary fencing solutions were installed around a damaged safety barrier at the River Clyde in Scotland.