Motorists should review the condition of their security fencing to protect their vehicles from theft, police say.

Thames Valley Police has issued the warning following the theft of a number of catalytic converters from Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Reading.

Ten converters from Sprinter vans, located at three different businesses in the town, were stolen in the space of three days.

Seven vans were targeted at a site in Worton Drive overnight between last Thursday (13th) and early Friday (14th), with another two being attacked at a site in Stadium Way and one at Little Johns Lane overnight between last Wednesday (12th) and Thursday (13th).

Crime reduction advisor John McNicholas said it is possible the catalytic converters were stolen for the value of their metal.

He urged businesses to review security fencing at their sites, as thieves had clearly breached premises' security measures.

"As the offenders have had to get into compounds to get to the vehicles, my advice is to review perimeter fencing and walls around where cars and vans are parked.

"It is also worth considering getting the catalytic converters welded which would make it impossible to undo the bolts which secure the device to the vehicle."

Earlier this month, Cambridgeshire police advised residents to put up security fencing at their properties to prevent heating oil theft.

According to CambsTimes24, there were 190 incidents of oil theft in 2010, up from 87 in 2009.