More security fencing is needed in parks across South Tyneside, according to a councillor.

Parks not only lack adequate security fencing, but are now no longer being locked up in a "cost-cutting" move that has been labelled "stupid" by John Hodgson, an independent alliance councillor in Monkton.

The council is responding to government cuts of £35 million, and will save £11,000 by keeping the parks open, reported the Shields Gazette.
Mr Hodgson told the newspaper: "All this will achieve is to make the parks more of a magnet for kids, particularly in the summer. It will mean more police resources being needed to deal with gangs of youths running around."
He went on to say that the so-called saving of £11,000 would be wiped out by this increased demand on the police.
The council responded by saying that the decision to not lock up parks was tough but essential and that they would review the situation throughout the year.

The cuts to local council budgets are some of the biggest local governments have ever faced in modern times. The BBC reported that this amounted to almost ten per cent of their core funding.

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