Protective measures such as security fencing and metal gates should be considered as part of a collaborative security approach by duty holders at ports, a business development director has said.

John Moore, of Leeds-based Pickersgill-Kaye, told that ports often purchase top-of-the-range security fencing but then ignore or pay little regard to other issues, like locks.

He said fence, gate and lock makers need to work together to create a co-ordinated solution.

"You get fencing contractors coming along to apply the fence to posts sometimes put in by other people and not necessarily to an accurate degree," he told the website.

"This should be a comprehensive installation – the lock must be properly fixed to the gate, the gate must be properly fixed to the posts and the posts must be in the right place and suitably braced to provide this protection."

Recently, Tom Reeve, the editor of said measures like security fencing should be considered the 'first line of defence' for firms.

Other measures like CCTV help in providing another layer or protection, he said.

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