An expansion to an existing pedestrian guardrail near Bridgwater Place is being considered as one of the ways of tackling powerful blasts of wind that are causing safety issues around Leeds' tallest building.

Combating the powerful winds is now an important part of council strategy after a freak accident last year toppled a lorry and killed a 35-year-old man, reported the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The extended pedestrian guardrail would go some way to stopping people from being blown onto busy roads by the strong gusts of winds.

Louise Milner, who works nearby, told the newspaper that she had long been warning against the dangers of the build up of wind around the 32 storey building.

She said: "My friend is only small and was stuck on the island in the middle of the road for ten minutes because of the strong winds. She had to call someone from work to come down and help take her across the road."

Other measures being considered are erecting temporary diversion signs for high-sided vehicles on days when strong winds are forecast to appear.

Unseasonable gale-force winds recently battered Ireland, much of Scotland and parts of northern England recently causing thousands of homes to lose power and major disruptions to the traffic network.

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