Security fencing was really put to the test this week after a 'runaway' cow smashed through fence panels in properties in Nottingham, in what one police officer described as "one of the strangest [incidents] I've had to deal with".

The bizarre incident - described by the Nottingham Post as a stand-off between the cow and the police - began when the bovine vaulted a 9,000 volt electric fence at a farm in Bassingfield at dinnertime yesterday (Wednesday November 24th).

According to the newspaper, the cow then proceeded to break onto the A52 before reaching residential properties in West Bridgford, where it was effectively cornered by police.

The cow ended up in the garden of a neighbour of one of the paper's reporters, Caroline Lowbridge.

The frantic animal then proceeded to smash through fencing panels before entering a third garden.

"The police tried to block it off by parking a police van across my neighbour's garden, but the cow smashed into the van and then smashed its way through my garden fence," Lowbridge told the newspaper.

"I was in the kitchen and it was at the window breathing on the glass. I was scared as I thought it was going to smash its way into the house," she also added.

After a stand-off between the cow, the police and the cow's owner, it was recovered and taken back to the farm.

The farmer, John Croft, told the newspaper the cow was fine and that he would take extra measures to ensure a repeat of the incident does not occur.

Wendy Brown, one of the officers involved, told the newspaper: "This was definitely one of the strangest incidents I've had to deal with."

Animals are frequently causing organisations to think about security fencing. Recently, fencing was installed on a cliff face after a sheep leapt onto the roof of a hospital in Wales.ADNFCR-3337-ID-800257344-ADNFCR